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“MEA Law Firm strives to be the top one-stop legal service specialized in the Middle East & Africa region for all our valuable clients.”



Hyung hoon Kim is currently working as a professional member of the MEA Law Firm and provides various activities and advice.

He is working as a visiting researcher at the Middle East Research Institute of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

T +82 2 6956 6336
M +82 10 6297 1208


• Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

  (B.A. in Arabic, 2007)

• Amir Abdui Qadir islamic University

  (Master’s degree in Shariah, 2010)

• Amir Abdul Qadir Islamic University

  (Doctor of Shariah, 2012-Present)


• Algeria Government Scholarship Student

  (2006- Current)

• MEA Law Firm Expert Advisor (2018. 8.- Current)

• Member of Shariah Committee, Korea Muslim

   Federation (2019. 1.- Current)

• Member of Counter-Terrorism Committee, National       Intelligence Service (2021. 7.-Current)

• Visiting Researcher of Institute of Middle East                  Studies, Hankook University of Foreign Studies    (2021. 9.- Current)

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