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“MEA Law Firm strives to be the top one-stop legal service specialized in the Middle East & Africa region for all our valuable clients.”



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 Kyeongjae Han is an attorney at law at MEA Law Firm Seoul office.

 After graduating from Korea University majoring in Political science and international relations, Kyeongjae Han passed the 53rd Korean bar exam and completed the 43rd Judicial Research and Training Institute of the Republic of Korea.

 After graduating from the Judicial Research and Training Institute, Kyeongjae Han worked as an attorney conducting various kinds of advisory services including civil, criminal and administrative affairs and various public service activities such as public defender of Seoul City, public defender of Supreme Court and the member of Korea Bar Association Startup Legal Support Group.


• Korea University (B.A. in Political Diplomacy)

• Judicial Research and Training Institute,              Supreme Court of the Republic of Korea


• Attorney at law, Sojong Partners(2014~2016)

• Attorney at law, Chungho Partners(2016~2018)

• Public defender, Seoul city(2016~Present)

• Public defender, Supreme court (2017~Present)

• Korean Bar Association Startup legal support group


• Attorney at law, MEA Law Firm (2019.01~Present)

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