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– 한국에 최초의 중동아프리카 전문 로펌

- 중동아프리카 최초의 지역법률 전문가 집단

-중동아프리카 79개국 관할

-현지 로펌 및 변호사와의 Alliance

The First-ever Korean law firm with a group of experts to practice in the region of

the Middle East and Africa

The First and specialized local group of experts to provide legal services in the region of the Middle East and Africa

Partnership through alliance partners with over 79 regional law firms of 30 countries all over the region of the Middle East and Africa

What We Do

Provide optimized legal services using comprehensive analysis tools for business

and management-wide considerations

Provide business-friendly

legal advisory services using accurate Risk Evaluation

and Risk Management Tool according to country,

business, region, and size

Discover business opportunities and provide the best legal services related to the development

using local networks

Provide the best legal

advisory services based on understanding and experience of local laws and cultures in the Middle East and Africa region

Up-to-date services with

dual-work system through

Seoul and Dubai offices

One Team and One-Stop service provided with experts on the Middle East and African

laws in 79 countries

How We Practice
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