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“MEA Law Firm strives to be the top one-stop legal service specialized in the Middle East & Africa region for all our valuable clients.”



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M +82 10 3907 2351

 Yoondong Lee is a specialist  in contract management and claim consulting.

 His professional field of work is 'Drafting a resolution in English for contract dispute and claims of international business as to variation and EOT and examining related English documentation. ', 'Contract management for international business from preliminary examining for a measure to prevent unexpected issues, entering into a contract, and coming up with effective counter plans afterward', 'The Claim of international business [drafting a demand letter asking for additional costs <English>/ preparing a demand letter as to time extension of the project <English>]/counseling to rebut counterparty rejected <English>]', 'Counseling and reviewing contracts and analyzing delay issues of contracts. Drafting documentation including email, letters, or resolutions, especially as to EOT and Claim package, and advice for Project Management'. 


• Seoul National  University

(B.A. in Chemical Engineering)


• Daewoo Engineering(1978~1996)

• Daewoo Construction(1996~2003)

• Toyo Engineering Corporation(2006~2011)

• Hyundai Engineering & Construction


• Korean small and medium sized businesses


• Expert Advisor, MEA Law Firm (2020.05~Present)

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