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MEA Law Firm has its offices both in the heart of Dubai and Seoul

to provide an all-round legal service to our clients.

the team
Managing Attorney’s Message

MEA Law Firm is the First Korean law firm specialized with a premier Middle East and Africa region practice. MEA Law Firm is best known for expert lawyers with various experiences in the Middle East and Africa regions providing one-stop legal service with alliance partners throughout the world, especially of the best lawyers in the region including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, UAE, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Iraq, Algeria, and the other areas to name it all. MEA's headquarter resides in Seoul, the capital of the Republic of Korea, and a regional office is located in Dubai, UAE, the hub of the Middle East and Africa. MEA Law Firm not only provides law-related services but also deals with country risks, financial risks, regional risks, HR risks and other considerable risks that may arise from operating the business as well with its own risk evaluation tool, including analyzing each countries, regions, business types and kinds with its own specialized evaluation and analysis matrix (“EA Matrix”). With the results from EA Matrix, MEA Law Firm provides business-friendly legal service and its related issues and of the optimized risk management service to the kind. MEA Law Firm shall do its best to support the sustainable growth and development for Korean industries in the region of the Middle East and Africa.

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